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Official commencement of our Care Team, starting from 2 July 2024

About Us


To support and enhance the integration of ethnic minorities into Hong Kong society.

To create an inclusive community that embraces cultural diversity, racial harmony and equality for all.

To have children, individuals, families and migrants across countries live in dignity and harmony, and be contributing members to a just, humane and caring society.


For our service users: To assist individuals and families with personal or social problems requiring inter-country cooperation..
For the society: To contribute to the prevention of social problems by making recommendations, undertaking appropriate study or action and advocating social policies.
For our staff: To develop a dynamic, innovative and cohesive staff with the vision, commitment and professional skills to give their optimum best to those in need of our services.


To create an inclusive society where individuals from all ethnic backgrounds have equal access to opportunities and are empowered to reach their full potential is of utmost value. Responding to the needs of and intervening in systemic barriers that have hindered ethnic minorities from fully participating in society is essential. By harnessing the opportunities and potential of ethnic minorities, we strive to build a stronger, more prosperous, and more equitable society for all. Our commitment lies in working collaboratively with individuals and communities to shape a future where everyone, irrespective of their ethnicity, has equal opportunities to succeed.


As a support service centre for ethnic minorities, HOPE stands for Harnessing Opportunities and Potentials for Ethnic Minorities. It advocates the integration of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong society, creating a community with cultural diversity, racial harmony and equality. The centre is operated under the International Social Service Hong Kong Branch and has been providing quality services and programmes for the ethnic minority communities since May 31, 2009. The centre’s operation is funded by the Home Affairs Department.
We provide a wide range of services for adults, youths, children, and families residing across all the districts of Hong Kong. Ethnic minorities with Hong Kong Identity Card who come from countries including but not limited to Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Thailand, and Sri Lanka are welcome to use our services.


Founded in 1924, the International Social Service (ISS) is an international NGO without political, racial, religious or nationality bias with a General Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland. As an integral part of the International Social Service (ISS) worldwide network, ISS Hong Kong works closely with other ISS units around the globe in providing inter-country social work and cross border social services to needed children and families between Hong Kong, Mainland China and across countries. It has established a strong reputation in serving migrants (Chinese and non-Chinese), divided families and cross border families as well as asylum seekers and refugees. In response to the local community’s needs, it also provides an array of services for families, children, youths and the elderly including adoption, foster care, small group home, integrated family service, school social work etc. International Social Service Hong Kong Branch is an active Non-Governmental Organization with an international perspective and worldwide connection. One of our strengths is our ability to provide social work assistance across borders, races, ethnicities and beliefs.

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Our Services

HOPE Centre, offers variety of programmes and activities for kids, women,mens. HOPE Centre has been providing services and programmes since May 31, 2009


Cantonese and English Classes for adults are offered at Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels. The course fee is HK$100 per course. Enrolment is based on a first-come, first-served basis. Students are required to complete 80% attendance to merit a Certificate of Attendance.


FREE tutorial classes are provided to assist ethnic minority students in their homework, in Chinese, Mathematics and English. New classes will be opened quarterly for students from Primary 1 to Secondary 3. ASTP will be continued to be held at: 1) Nam Cheong District Community C entre IFSCs Sham Shui Po and HOPE Centre.


Youth Programme for Ethnic Minorities is aimed to provide opportunities for personal growth and understanding of civic responsibility for young ethnic minorities aged in between 6 – 24 years old. It involves various aspects of the youths grow like career, physical & mental health.


HOPE Centre organize series of programmes and activities to inspire full cultural immersion. The programmes offer different events to celebrate festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Chinese New Year etc. Through this activities, participants of different ethnicities can learn, respect and appreciate beliefs, cultures and traditions of various ethnic groups. Sharing the richness of diverse cultures involved in ethnic minority and local community.


Services are provided by HOPE Centre's multi-ethnic staff for clients seeking assistance in counselling and guidance, referrals and sight translation.


HOPE Centre hold Mass Programmes throughout the year in the community, including Beyond Race, Youth Talent Show, Cultural Show, EM Family & Local Family Mini Sports Day, EM Youth & Local Youth Day.


Personal Development Programmes are most popular ones. Such as Sewing Workshop, Photography Workshop, Photography Competition, Beauty Enhancement & Styling Workshop and Music Learning Workshop, etc. All these Programmes provides opportunities to learn ethnic and local music, fashion and beauty skills. This is to help increase self-confidence, self-esteem, leadership and coping skills of the participants.


HOPE Centre offers different Sports Programmes such as hiking, cycling, badminton and other sports related activities. These programmes are designed for both men and women.

Water Sports: HOPE Centre offers a wide variety of water related sports to the ethnic minorities. The types of watre sports may include kayak, stand up paddling, canoeing, wind surfing etc.


HOPE Centre thrilled to announce the official commencement of our dedicated Care Team, starting from 2nd July 2024!

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting initiatives. We can't wait to embark on this journey of care and support together. We look forward to making a positive impact in your lives and the lives of our community members.

What We Do


1. Language Programmes

At HOPE Centre, we design and offer courses to meet your goals of learning Cantonese and English language. These courses range from 10 to 50 hours and cover a broad spectrum of levels.

Full Term Course: HOPE Centre offers Cantonese and English language courses in Basic, Intermediate, Advance level. 17 session for once a week class and 25 session for twice a week classes are taught by experienced and qualified language teachers.

Short Term Course:

A) HOPE Centre offers Chinese classes for Children to enhance listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of students. 10 session to strengthen student's interest and confidence in Chinese language.

B) HOPE Centre also offers short 5 session course to learn daily and basic phrases through interactive activity.

2. Orientation & Seminars

HOPE Centre offers a wide range of programmes focusing on introduce public services, and community and social resources available regularly to support ethnic minorities to gain access to relevant and updated information about the communities of Hong Kong.

3. Integration Programme

HOPE Centre offers comprehensive programmes to individuals and families to ensure a path for growth and better integration.

Programmes to enhance individual's capacity such as skill enhancement workshop, social inclusion activities, community service, cross cultural appreciation and sharing activities.

Sports Day, Multi-Cultural Bazaar, Cultural Show is organized to cultural exchange, appreciation and foster integrated and harmonious society.

4. Programme for Families and Children

HOPE Centre offers variety of programmes including family outing, interest class, local culture sports training, men's activity, health awareness seminars, parents and child activities to enhance family and individual wellbeing.

5. Dedicated programmes for Ethnic minority Youths

HOPE Centre organized tailor-made programmes and activities for youth to empower and realize their potentials and aspirations.

Fundamental programmes and activities such as exploring Hong Kong, cultural exchange, social inclusion activities, community service, skill-based training, team building programme, volunteer trainings and services will be organized to enhance the capacity of EM youths.

Leadership groups, uniform groups, career development activities, sports training programmes are offered to EM youth to enhance and develop potential of EM youths.

HOPE Centre also offers Mentorship & Internship programme to provide an opportunity for youth to gain valuable hands-on working experience and to develop and refine skills.

HOPE Centre organizes EM Youth Day and Youth Talent Show to highlight the learning and experience of youth gained from activities and workshops.

6. After-School Tutorial Programmes

After-School Tutorial classes assist EM students to review homework, prepare for exams and work towards improving their studies by experienced and qualified teachers and tutors assistants.

HOPE Centre offers primary to secondary level after school tutorials at two locations.

A. Nam Cheong District Community Centre IFSC's Sham Shui Po

B. HOPE Centre, Wan Chai

7. Other Services

I. Counselling, Guidance & Referral: Upon accessing the service users’ needs our Registered Social Workers can provide casework intervention including but not limited to consultation, guidance, counselling, and referrals as required.

II. Onsite Translation: HOPE EM staff with different ethnic background can provide onsite translation service.

III. Volunteers Service: HOPE Centre welcomes diverse group of well-meaning individuals, group or organizations to support the vision and mission of HOPE Centre. Volunteers are mobilized to serve an contribute to the community.

IV. General Enquiry Services: HOPE Centre can be contacted via hotline, office phone, email, fax, mail or drop in the office to ask for help or enquiry.

V. A band room is dedicated to those who would like to enjoy playing their favourite instruments or sing in a private and quiet environment.

Employment Services

HOPE Centre has been assisting Non-Chinese people in finding jobs since its operation. Our centre has taken a pro-active stance in helping the needy clients and families find employment and also we do provide Job Referrals Services. We connect service users with different job opportunities. With increasing number of employment prospects and opportunities, many clients are approaching the centre. Centre organizes Recruitment days in cooperation with companies willing to hire Non-Chinese people in their work force.

If you are an employer and would like to hire some Non-Chinese people, kindly participate at our Recruitment Day as an employer for hiring Ethnic Minorities, please send an email to Mr. Umair at or feel free to call 28646703/51888044 for any further enquiries.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Terence Chung

Centre In-Charge

Terence is a registered social worker with experience working with diverse groups in Hong Kong and Canada.

Ms. Rutchie Grospe

Integration Program Supervisor

Like to join Cross-cultural activities and social inclusions? She would love to have you in! She also supervises language programmes.

Ms. Ming Woo

Social Worker

She is a social worker of Family Programmes. She loves to get to know all people. Feel free to find her if you need any help, or just someone to talk to!

Ms. Chloe Cheung

Social Worker

She is a social worker of YOUTH unit. She like hanging out with youths. So, don't hesitate to enrol under youth programmes.

Mr. Umair Muhammad

Project Officer

Employment Services, Men's sports, Computer classes, Swimming for men's, Music learning, Martial arts! You can consult him for any problem.

Ms. Aisha Iftikhar

Project Officer

She is fun, fabulous, fearless. Connect with her for family outings, beauty enhancement and health related programmes.

Ms. Sonali Mandhare

Project Officer

She is the HOPE Centre's 'In-House Tech-Guru'. She is the one who handles HOPE Centre's website, all social networking and other technical things.

Ms. Asmita Limbu

Project Officer

She is in charge of language team and can help you to enrol all language classes. Call her to fix your schedule!

Ms. Rungthip Lai

Project Assistant

If you want to join Interest & DIY class, sewing class, sports for women, swimming for women, consult her, she would love to welcome you to join the program.

Ms. Ritu Agnihotri

Project Assistant

She is warm & caring person. Feel free to contact her for YOUTH programmes.

Mr. Shubham Thapa

Project Assistant

If you want to enroll your kids to the YOUTHS programmes, please consult him. He is fun loving and he would love to welcome you to join the programmes.

Mr. Dickson Domingo

Project Assistant

He helps the flow of any activity related to YOUTH unit go smoothly, always ready to assist with any issues that anyone needs help with.

Ms. Amrita Gurung


She welcomes you with a warm smile and will answer your call at all times! If you have any doubt about programmes or classes, ask for her solution.

Ms. Florinda F. De Leon

Administrative Assistant

She handles all the numbers, the papers and the other administrative work. She is happy to support you anytime.

Language Classes Tutors

Ms. Florence, Mr. William, Ms. Rhea, Ms. Allinson, Ms. Emily

After School Tutorial Programme (ASTP) Tutors & Tutors Assistants

Ms. Yashita, Mr. Hangmuk, Ms. Rakhi

Computer Classes Tutors

Mr. Chan, Mr. Tony, Ms. Cathy

Music & Photography Tutors

Ms. Jonathan, Ms. Winkie, Mr. Chan

Guidelines / Rules / Regulations

  • A) Personal Data Collection Statement

    Service users must provide complete and accurate information for programmes, activities, groups, and all other services’ enrolments. All information shared with the centre staff will be held in strict confidence, and will only be shared with others on a need-to-know basis. Service users must respect the confidentiality of other service users and staff, and not disclose any confidential information without their consent. All data processing will be in compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486).

  • Enrolment

    The registration of programmes, activities, groups, and all other centre services is made on a first come, first served basis to the qualified service users.


    Service users are required to make appointments or register in advance for our programmes and services. Service users are expected to attend all scheduled sessions or appointments on time. Service users are expected to attend all scheduled sessions or appointments on time. If a service user is unable to attend a scheduled appointment, they must provide at least 24 hours' notice to the centre. If a service user is unable to attend an appointment, they must notify the centre as soon as possible, and at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. Failure to attend a scheduled appointment without prior notification may result in the removal of service user from the service.

    Service users who arrive late for a scheduled appointment may have their appointment shortened, rescheduled, or cancelled depending on the availability of staff and resources, as well as the centre operation. The centre will make effort to accommodate late arrivals, but cannot guarantee that the full appointment or service time will be available.


    The centre acknowledges that unforeseen circumstances may arise, leading service users to cancel or reschedule appointments. Nevertheless, in order to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery, the centre has implemented an absence and cancellation policy that service users are required to adhere to.


    Some of our programmes and services require a prior deposit payment to confirm your application for programme participation. The deposit will only be refunded under the following conditions:

    i. After attending the one-off programme, or

    ii. Attending at least 80% of the sessions for class or multiple sessions programmes or groups.

    Deposits will be forfeited when participants are absent from the one-day programme or at least 80% attendance requirement is not met for session-based programme.

    Deposits must be collected within one month after the conclusion of the programme. Refunds for deposits will not be issued to service users after the one-month period has elapsed. In the case of a one-off programme, the one-month notice period will commence from the day of the programme. For session-based programmes, the one-month notice period will commence from the last lesson of the class.

    Exceptional cases will be given due consideration, provided that participants provide reasonable justification. These cases will be subject to further review by our staff.

    Participants will be reminded via messages about their confirmation of programme registration and deposit settlement.

  • Parent's/Guardian's Consent (Please read carefully)

    1. I hereby give my consent for my son/daughter to participate in the activities at the Centre.

    2. To the best of my knowledge, I confirm that my son/daughter does not have any medical or health-related condition that require special arrangement.

    3. I grant permission for my son/daughter to travel by any form of public transport, minibus, or motor vehicle.

    4. I acknowledge and understand that the Centre or organizers assume no responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury that may occur during my child's attendance at any of the centre-organized activities.

  • HOPE Centre retains full authority to utilize any photographs or videos featuring your participation in HOPE Centre events for various purposes such as publication in brochures, YouTube, newsletters, website, Facebook, and other related mediums.

  • 1. International Social Service Hong Kong Branch (ISSHK) reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Any disputes arising from these terms and conditions shall be resolved in accordance with the agency guideline as well as the laws of the jurisdiction in which the centre is located, and the decision of the centre shall be final.

    2. In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between the English version and versions in other languages of these terms and conditions, the English version shall take precedence and be considered the authoritative version.


Ms. Avuta Aliekya

Service User (Indian)

We like all programmes of HOPE Centre. Our kid loved everything especially the staff, she is very attached to them. I must say a very big thanks to all of them for their efforts in taking care of kids with lots of patience. The staff of HOPE Centre made us feel like we have a big family in HK.

Ms. Nethra Karthik

Service User (Volunteer)

HOPE Center has always been a place of exploration for me to learn. Being a high school student, HOPE Center’s internship and volunteering activities have helped me a lot to discover myself, that is how I got my job as a part time barista at Starbucks. The staffs are really the coolest and the kindest people I have ever met. They are very supportive and encouraging. Many beautiful memories to treasure at Hope Centre.

Ms. Samaira Iftikhar

Service User (Pakistani)

I started joining activities at HOPE Centre when I arrived in Hong Kong and I didn’t know much about the city. Thanks to the HOPE Centre for all the indoor and outdoor activities. I learned Cantonese in the class too. It’s a wonderful experience and I am grateful. The staff here is so cooperative that they never disappoint me. Cheer!

Mr. Cezary Podkul

Service User (Polish)

My name is Cezary. I’m a lecturer at Hong Kong University. I’ve completed two beginner courses, and two intermediate-level courses. Starting from zero, I can now fluently ask how much something costs, give greetings and Chinese New Year’s wishes, order meals, talk about the weather and much more. The classes cost only HK$100. It’s one of the best values you’ll find for language learning anywhere in the world and the instructors are top-notch. I cannot recommend it enough and look forward to starting my next course in a few months!

Ms. Smita Warvante

Service User (Indian)

I would like to thank HOPE Centre team for giving opportunities to EMs to explore new things with family and innovative activities for kids, my daughter currently attending swimming classes with you and througly enjoying. I am happy to see her as she is introvert teenager but with this opportunity I can see her enjoying!! Thanks a lot team for your efforts 👍

Ms Ausawaponsuwan Sunantha

Service User (Thai)

Firstly, I would like to thank the founder of the HOPE Centre for assisting my minority group and me during the COVID-19 outbreak. We learned about the HOPE Centre from Thai people who told us that face masks were being distributed for free. We came and met Ms Rung, the first Thai staff who helped us. There are many activities that the HOPE Centre organizes, and the services are excellent. I encourage everyone to become members and enjoy the benefits. Thank you to all the staff at the HOPE Centre

Ms. Jyoti Mulchandani

Service User (Indian)

HOPE Centre offers various programmes & classes. I have joined Make up class, cooking class, sewing class, photography class, mental health awareness, etc. I enjoyed all the classes & learnt new things every time. Made new friends as well along the way. HOPE Centre is doing excellent job about bringing ethnic minority community together. Many thanks to HOPE Staff who always guided & helped me out. Specially, Ms. Rutchie, Ms. Sonali, Ms. Amrita, Mr. Chan, Ms. Ming, Ms. Aisha, Ms. Kareena. Well done HOPE Centre.


Service User (Nepalese)

I cannot thank the HOPE Centre enough for the opportunities they've provided me as an ethnic minority to give back to my community while also empowering me with the necessary skills to succeed. With their support, I have been able to make a meaningful impact in my community and grow both personally and professionally. The support and guidance I have received from the HOPE Centre team have been truly invaluable. I would highly recommend anyone looking to make a difference in their community to get involved with this incredible non-profit organization.

Barakathun Nisha

Service User (Indian)

We have joined many programs in HOPE Center. There is always a variety of programs,competitions and many outings to explore various spots in Hong Kong.We are very greatful for their online programs during pandemic,which helped kids to get engaged when there is no school.Hats off to all their efforts in serving EMs of Hong Kong.Looking forward for more.  ☺❤


Contact Us


3 /F, Tak Lee Commercial Building, 113-117 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, Hong Kong


+852 2836 3598


+852 5188 8044

9:00 AM - 6:30 PM            
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM  

HOPE Centre is closed during public holidays